Welcome to my blog

Hilmar The Drupal Viking in full gear

My name is Hilmar Kári Hallbjörnsson, aka. Drupal Viking.

Drupal is my life, ever since I first laid hands on it in September of 2011. I almost cried. Never EVER do I have to write another Login form or figure out how the best way to upload images to the site I'm building with (insert framework or whatever hack you're doing) again! Now I can focus on building awesome sites, with one of the best building tools on the market.

This blog contains some thoughts of mine, afterthoughts after cons or meet-ups, or just a rant when I want to. 

And of course I deployed this site in Drupal 8! I had another blog that I didn't write too many articles on (I think only three or four :-D ), so I'm also committing to write more articles from now on.